Sweet America CD (1976)

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Buffy;’s twelve studio release, Sweet America, was the third and last on the Gypsy Boy Music/MCA label before she retired from music to work on Sesame Street and in education. Still active politically and remaining a strong spokesperson for the Native Indian Movement Sweet America saw the emergence of tribal rhythms and vocals that she was later to develop on her 1992 comeback Coincidence and Likely Stories.

The 3 Gypsy Boy Music recordings have been re-released in the double CD collection Pathfinder.

Sweet America / Wynken, Blynken and Nod / Where Poets Go / Free the Lady / America My Home / Look at the Facts / I Don’t Need No City Life / Sweet January / Qu’appelle Valley, Saskatchewan / Honey Can You Hang Around / I Been Down / Starwalker / Ain’t No Time for the Worrying Blues

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