Buffy CD (1974)

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After almost a decade and nine studio albums with the with Vanguard label Buffy had climbed musical mountains and critical acclaim putting her alongside such forward thinking folk icons as Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell and Neil Young. 1974 brought the first of three release on her new Gypsy Boy Music label, the self titled Buffy. This release was recorded with basically the same musicians and retained the same pop/rock oriented sound as Quiet Places.

The 3 Gypsy Boy Music recordings have been re-released in the double CD collection Pathfinder.

Can’t Believe the Feeling When You’re Gone / I’ve Really Fallen for You / Sweet Little Vera / Star Boy / Sweet, Fast Hooker Blues / Generation / Hey! Baby Howdja Do Me This Way? / I Can’t Take It No More / Waves / That’s the Way You Fall in Love

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